Sayan is an independent documentary storyteller based in India. So far, he has been focusing on personal projects that study socio-political changes of our time. Sayan has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has spent a couple of years designing and developing computer applications targeting the changing needs of the Millennial Generation and got an in-depth understanding of new technologies, social media applications besides studying personas of that same Generation. Later, Sayan's craving for visual arts inspired him to attend photojournalism and contemporary art forms workshops. He is a Foundry Photojournalism Workshop alumnus, 2018, and has received a VII-Photo scholarship to attend their masterclasses. Sayan has also been taking guidance from curators, photojournalists, contemporary fine art photographers. Consequently, Sayan started his new life as a documentary storyteller in 2018 and is very keen to integrate new technologies, social media applications, and photography, moving images into his projects.

His interests include, but are not limited to, Neoliberalism & Globalization, Future Society / Democratic Thoughts, Reexamining History, Free Expression / Civil Society, Pandemic & Global Health. Works like Sayan's involve multiple disciplines, such as Journalism, Photography, Moving Images, Visual Art, and Remote Execution of Documentary Projects.

He is a member of the Diversify Photo Collective.
Sayan's works have been published with media outlets like Cortona On the Move (covid19visualproject), POY-Asia, BBC, Social & Political Research Foundation Journal.  


Current Location  — Kolkata, India

Languages Known: 

English —Fluent
Hindi — Fluent
Bengali — Native


Instagram: sayan.hazra
Call / WhatsApp: India +91 991 603 5656
Skype: sayan.images


2018: VII Academy scholarship to attend VII-Photo masterclasses 2018-19

Published Works:

2021:Cortona On The Move: COVID19-Visual-Project — The Economic Effects ( Chapter 4.09 ) (Online)

Photo-Letter — Woman with a Disc (Online)
Fotofestin — Efectos del envejecimiento de la población en la India (Online)
Broad Magazine  — Bengaluru - Growing Fast (Online)


Social-Political Research Foundation  — Chipping Away: The Paradox of Documenting E-Waste (Online )
Social-Political Research Foundation  — No Country for the Elderly (Online)
Social-Political Research Foundation  — Glimpses from the Garden City (Online)
BBC  — My parents wanted me to marry. I became a DJ' (Online)


BBC  —  I don't want to burden my children: Life in an Indian care home (Online)
BBC  — The Indian tribe that gave up hunting to save forests (Online)

Sayan Hazra

Sayan Hazra is an independent visual journalist based in India whose documentary works explore human relationship to the natural world and social changes in contemporary world.
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