I am a documentary photographer based in India. I visually investigate rapid changes of our contemporary world focusing on the humanitarian, social, and environmental stories. I respect people who give me access to their lives to narrate their stories. I act like a medium to pass those stories to wider audience which lack representation otherwise. I never use photographs to explain but to raise questions, to investigate facts which need to see light! 
I am a Foundry Photojournalism Workshop Alumnus. 
I received VII foundation scholarship to attend series of masterclasses hosted by VII photo agency, 2018-19. 
I have been working on personal projects and so far works have been published with media outlets like BBC, International Photography magazine, Travel+Leisure, Eikonculture magazine.
I played role of a guest curator in "The Everyday Projects" .
My photography education evolved around different masterclasses on photojournalism and documentary photography. I look for stories from the facts I encounter in my daily life.

For assignments, collaboration, consultations, and prints contact

  • India +91 991 603 5656 
  • Email: sayan.images@gmail.com 
  • Instagram: sayan.hazra

Published Works

Travel + Leisure ( Asia Edition ) July 2019 : Art for the Street (Print)
Travel + Leisure ( Asia Edition ) Jan 2019 : A Naga Feast (Print)
BBC: 'My parents wanted me to marry. I became a DJ' (Online)
BBC: 'I don't want to burden my children': Life in an Indian care home (Online)
BBC: The Indian tribe that gave up hunting to save forests (Online)
International Photography Magazine: Ghost Town (Online)

Photo Credit: Kristi Odom