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I am a documentary photographer based in India. I visually investigate rapid changes of our contemporary world focusing on the humanitarian, social, and environmental stories. I’m driven by the fact that the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers can have a positive impact on the world. I respect people who give me access to their lives to narrate their stories. I act like a medium to pass those stories to wider audience which lack representation otherwise. I never use photographs to explain but to raise questions, to investigate facts which need to see light! 
I am a Foundry Photojournalism Workshop Alumnus. 
I received VII foundation scholarship to attend series of masterclasses hosted by VII photo agency, 2018-19. 
I have been working on personal projects and so far works have been published with media outlets like BBC, International Photography magazine, Travel+Leisure, Eikonculture magazine.
I played role of a guest curator in "The Everyday Projects" .

My photography education evolved around different masterclasses on photojournalism and documentary photography. I look for stories from the facts I encounter in my daily life.

For assignments, collaboration, consultations, and prints contact

India +91 991 603 5656 

Email: sayan.images@gmail.com 

Instagram: sayan.hazra

Published Works

Travel + Leisure: A Naga Feast (Print)

BBC: 'I don't want to burden my children': Life in an Indian care home (Online)

BBC: The Indian tribe that gave up hunting to save forests (Online)

Photo Credit: Kristi Odom